Knit'n Kitten Fiber Arts is the combination of nearly four decades of needlework experience and a life-long desire to help create a "Safe place for women."

Our mission statement is "Knit'n Kitten Fiber Arts, Inc. of League City, TX is a family run not-for-profit business focused on presenting items from Texas fiber artists, supplies for a broad range of fiber arts, and finished products from a variety of organizations involved in fighting human trafficking or otherwise assisting women to care for themselves and their families with dignity." which I think pretty well encapsulates the "who" and"what" of the shop.

The "why" is because of a belief in the "teach a man to fish" version of philanthropy and that needlework and human aspiration for a better life fit very well together. This is because producing a competent and marketable item usually requires only moderate physical and mental ability and minimal education or finance yet can be scaled up as resources and ability increase. Handicraft is also an effective therapy tool for those who have been exploited since a reasonable first item can generally be produced in a short amount of time, giving the creator the tangible proof that they can produce something of value and beauty even in the midst of a disastrously broken life. The initial goal of the shop is to provide a market for such items, first here online and then in a brick-and-mortar site in the Houston area, to provide creative as well as job and financial experience to those served by local, national, and international organizations. As the shop grows and there are profits, those profits will go towards things like capital equipment or supply grants for those who  already have a funding method as well as helping organizations that are donation dependent find market opportunities that best fit their location and those they serve so that they too can become self sufficient both as organizations and as individuals.



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