Place to save this info

I can't seem to find this computer's Notepad function at the moment so I guess I will put this information here for future use.

weight # on label - WPI - yds/oz - recommended needle size
______________ ____ ______ ______________________
1&2 Lace - 18+ - 51 - 0-3

3 Light/Super Fine - 14-17 - 34 - 2-4

4 Worsted/Medium - 10-13 - 27 - 5-10

5 Bulky - 7-9 - 16-19 - 11 & up

6 Super Bulky - 6 & Less - 12 - 11 & up

Another version:

1 super fine, sock, fingering, baby, 3-ply = 400-500 metres per 100g / 437-546 yard per 3.5 oz. (14+WPI)
2 fine, sport, sock, 4-ply = 300-400 metres per 100g / 328-437 yard per 3.5 oz. (12WPI)
3 light, worsted, DK, 8-ply = 200-300 metres per 100g / 218-328 yard per 3.5 oz. (11WPI)
4 medium, worsted, afghan, aran = 140-240 metres per 100g / 153-262 yard per 3.5 oz. (8-10WPI)
5 bulky, craft, rug, chunky = 100-120 metres per 100g / 109-131 yard per 3.5 oz. (7WPI)
6 super bulky, super chunky = less than 100 metres per 100g / less than 109 yard per 3.5 oz. (6WPI OR LESS)
7 roving = less than 60 metres per 100g / less than 65 yard per 3.5 oz. (5WPI OR LESS)

I need this info because I am reskeining much of my handspun and want to label it for better selling but have only the weight and no yardage and buyers seem *much* more comfortable knowing how many yards are available. As the reader can see, there is still a modest amount of math that will need to be done but at least I  now have a starting point.

This is one of two major projects I'm working on.  It's another poncho for Eldest Kidlet but this one is knitted of handspun that is only slightly thicker than a sewing thread. I started with a garter stitch lace neckband and then did short-row "fans" going all the way around. the width was too narrow after the first row of fans so I am adding another row of larger ones. I'm about a third of the way done with the second round and will be happy when I  finish as it's already been almost two months since I began (although I shouldn't count a couple of weeks at the beginning since I kept starting and then changing my mind about how I wanted to make it.


Of a sort at least. One of my goals for this year was to make *my* "Knit'n Kitten" the top return on Google. Being the first search returned with the full "Knit'n Kitten Fiberarts Studio" wasn't difficult but there are a couple other people with close variations of Knit'n Kitten (which is hardly surprising since it's a cute name). That goal has now been reached. In fact, the first three returns are; my Twitter account, More Images, and my Facebook page. Not only that, but nearly the entire first page of "More images: Knit'n Kitten" are either items that I've made or things that I've "pinned" on Pinterest. All in all, I'm pretty happy with that and hopeful that just regular posting of my items will keep the name on top.

And this is another project I finished recently. It was an order by the salon owner who has offered me display space so I hope she really enjoys it.

The fiber was the same as that used in the last photo but had been intended as weft so was spun as a thicker single instead of the 2-ply I had spun the rest into when I had planned on it being warp for a same-color, two-texture woven scarf.

Because I knew the client wanted an infinity scarf I had to change the way I do the garter-and-eyelet border since the standard way  to make the border when working bias knit would have made for an eyelet, garter, eyelet section at the join instead of the smooth stockinette center desired.

This is one of the projects I've finished in the last couple of months. It is a crocheted six-pointed poncho for the Eldest Kidlet to wear over tank tops at school. I started with the neckband which I worked without a beginning chain. Instead, I used the side-by-side triple crochet technique that creates a very flexible band. There is no pattern for this poncho as I was simply working from the rule that increases advance and decreases recede.


Hadn't realized it had been so long since I'd posted here. In my defense we were gone pretty much all of July, including nearly two weeks out of country.  

In the intervening time I've participated in two shows, One of which had *no* sales and the other I at least made my expenses at. Have paid the fee to be in a Holiday Show in November and need to contact the organizer if a late October show and let her know I can participate in that.

At the show where I made my expenses I was invited to display some of my items *for free* in a local beauty salon and bought a photo transferred to canvas for Dad's Christmas present. The offer of free display space is generous and could be very helpful. The sister of the photographer I purchased from is a local business woman and gave me some info about a local organization for business women that I need to look into further. Although I didn't earn nearly as much cash as I would have liked I'm very hopeful that the contacts made that day will be of great benefit in the future.


Or rather the lack there of, means I am creating a Pinterest account and board to increase awareness of the shop. I've avoided Pinterest assiduously because it sounds like a *huge* time user due to being filled with so much wonderful information. Hopefully this will work in my favor now and not simply end up with me reading online even more hours than I do now.

Since I've gotten to the point that photo-less posts seem boring. here's a picture of the drum carder that Eldest Kidlet uses to blend different colors of fiber for me to spin.


In order to sell yarn on Ravelry I need a logo. Before Dad printed out nice business cards for me I was using a fairly cute sketch that I figured I'd use for that (since it's *mine* unlike my avatar and business card picture) but hadn't really pursued it. Eldest Kidlet had an assignment in her Business & Marketing class to advertise an existing company so of course she chose the studio since she needs the practice. She has distinctly improved on my original sketch with this
Now I need to find out how to copyright it or whatever is necessary to make sure that we retain the rights to it since I think it's absolutely perfect.

Now we wait.

I filled out and filed the paperwork for my DBA (Doing Business As) license on Thursday and am now the *official* owner of the Knit'n Kitten Fiberarts Studio name. The hardcopy of the license should show up in the mail in about a week.

Now that my Etsy storefront is open I'm also waiting on that lovely first purchaser. I get a fairly steady number of views every day (especially after a new listing) but suspect that many are from the same people. I have evidence that not *all* are though, so that's good I think.

In the meantime, it's been awhile since a post had a photo so I now present my spinning wheel.

Sorry about that

I'm afraid I get distracted by the minutia of life and details like blog posts end up getting skipped.

Most of the time not writing for the last few weeks was spent getting ready for a sale on the 5th of April. I sold several items and a couple of skeins of yarn as well as giving out a number of business cards. Although it didn't bring in very much money it was a chance to get the Knit'n Kitten name out and, really, I hadn't expected to have any craft sales until this coming fall and winter.

While sales weren't as brisk as I would have liked, I did get a lot of weaving done. I completed the first scarf on the warp I'd put on the night before and got a good distance into the second on the same warp. I learned from my somewhat-too-long grey scarf weaving and this time actually paid attention to the warp length so I could tell when in the warp to start the second scarf.

My spinning wheel is on the far side of the table (a tiny portion of the wheel itself is visible below the loom) but I got to spin for awhile in the afternoon and there was one little girl who kept coming back to watch and would bring over other kids each time. I even let her raise and lower the levers of the loom as I wove. Hopefully she will get a chance to learn more from someone if she continues to be interested.

Hobby Lobby buycott

Just got back from Hobby Lobby even though I hadn't intended to go back for awhile since I was there only a week ago. One of my online friends mentioned that there was a Freedom of Conscience buycott organized for today though and I certainly want to express my thanks for Hobby Lobby standing up for *all* business owner's right to follow their consciences.

I spoke to the manager and a couple of employees (all female) at our local store to express my support and thanks and they said they supported the company completely in the decision to fight. As a bonus, I got a couple of drawing books for the Kidlets and a pretty sketchbook for myself. I also found out about a doodling technique called "zentangle" that I'm looking forward to trying in that sketchbook.

Once again, as a person who wants to eventually own a business and employ people,  I want to express my thanks to Hobby Lobby and their staff for choosing to be the "test case" on behalf of business owners who simply don't have the money to fight the weight of federal government.

Since I...

Showed my "not favorite" spindles recently I thought it only right to show my favorite

which is the green textured top whorl (the other is my first spindle that my dad made when I was about twelve). I purchased it at a yarn shop in a small town near State College, PA. A friend of the owner is a ceramic artist and made these beautifully designed and glazed whorls for her. It was originally a bottom whorl but the top of the shaft cracked meaning the hook had to be placed on the other side. Fortunately, the squirrel and vine pattern was on both sides so there was no harm done.

The reason I like it is that it's very heavy. This means that it spins a *very* long time unlike the tiny one that I showed in an earlier post. It is actually heavier than the much larger wooden one next to it which I usually use resting on the floor since it's so long. All in all, I still prefer my wheel but for overall beauty, ease of spin, and portability this one is by far my favorite.

Hey, I've been busy

Which is why I haven't posted in the last couple of days. I've even been busy doing Knit'n Kitten stuff, not just staring at the internet or having a Detective Conan YouTube marathon with the kids (although we did do that).

I finally have all my finished skeins attached to the cords I intend to hang them up on and just need to bring in the ladder and get them up. This frees up both a large surface space that they covered and the cord they were originally tied to so I can use it to wash and hang the last two years worth of spinning (two full bags). Fortunately the previous home owner put a couple of hooks up to hang planters on the covered patio and I figure that if the could hold wet soil they should be able to hold several pounds of yarn at a time pretty easily.

I've also been carding dyed fiber given to me by Tara Carr of Ewe-Topia Fiber Farms  as well as a variety of wools, alpaca, and nylon that Eldest Kidlet and I have been dyeing using Kool-aid and *real* Jaquard dye.


are the photos we have so far.

Not my favorite...

Spindles that is. The larger one with peach-ish fiber is known as a Turkish spindle. The cool attribute of a Turkish spindle is that the ball of yarn is created as the spinning is wound on. In practice this works less well than I'd hope, at least for me, due to the need to skein and wash the new yarn before using it. The smaller spindle, with the dark green fiber, I suspect is meant to be supported in a cup or on the floor as it is verylight and prone to reversing spin direction quickly.

I purchased both of these at Lambspun in Fort Collins while in spinning withdrawal due to having been forced to pack the wheel mentioned in this post about our last move. It's not Lambspun's fault that I don't care for the spindles since the truth is that I don't really like *any* drop-spindles. I also took the plunge and bought an electric spinner as well and I am liking that better although it's still been a pretty sharp learning curve to get the draw-in and thickness how I like it.

The fiber on the other hand I *do* like. Pictured are about a half-dozen small batts that Eldest Kidlet has made on the new drum carder. She has done a very good job of blending various small bits of fiber that I had laying about into soft and interestingly shaded workable amounts that I am very much looking forward to spinning.

Yay us!

Eldest Kidlet and I have finally managed to get some of the project pictures that we meant to put up two weeks ago. So far we're just getting caught up on photos for my Ravelry projects, but I think those give a fairly good idea of my style and technique. This cross-stitch tapestry on a Tunisian crochet background is a pretty good example.


To Eldest Kidlet who has gotten the Tumblr account up and running. It can be found here. I'm very happy that she was able to find away to get my standard avatar to work since it took a fair bit of work on her part to convince it to. We'll be putting up some older pictures there for a bit while we figure out the computer and camera issues, but this at least gives us something to work with.
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