Not my favorite...

Spindles that is. The larger one with peach-ish fiber is known as a Turkish spindle. The cool attribute of a Turkish spindle is that the ball of yarn is created as the spinning is wound on. In practice this works less well than I'd hope, at least for me, due to the need to skein and wash the new yarn before using it. The smaller spindle, with the dark green fiber, I suspect is meant to be supported in a cup or on the floor as it is verylight and prone to reversing spin direction quickly.

I purchased both of these at Lambspun in Fort Collins while in spinning withdrawal due to having been forced to pack the wheel mentioned in this post about our last move. It's not Lambspun's fault that I don't care for the spindles since the truth is that I don't really like *any* drop-spindles. I also took the plunge and bought an electric spinner as well and I am liking that better although it's still been a pretty sharp learning curve to get the draw-in and thickness how I like it.

The fiber on the other hand I *do* like. Pictured are about a half-dozen small batts that Eldest Kidlet has made on the new drum carder. She has done a very good job of blending various small bits of fiber that I had laying about into soft and interestingly shaded workable amounts that I am very much looking forward to spinning.
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