Hey, I've been busy

Which is why I haven't posted in the last couple of days. I've even been busy doing Knit'n Kitten stuff, not just staring at the internet or having a Detective Conan YouTube marathon with the kids (although we did do that).

I finally have all my finished skeins attached to the cords I intend to hang them up on and just need to bring in the ladder and get them up. This frees up both a large surface space that they covered and the cord they were originally tied to so I can use it to wash and hang the last two years worth of spinning (two full bags). Fortunately the previous home owner put a couple of hooks up to hang planters on the covered patio and I figure that if the could hold wet soil they should be able to hold several pounds of yarn at a time pretty easily.

I've also been carding dyed fiber given to me by Tara Carr of Ewe-Topia Fiber Farms  as well as a variety of wools, alpaca, and nylon that Eldest Kidlet and I have been dyeing using Kool-aid and *real* Jaquard dye.


are the photos we have so far.
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