Hobby Lobby buycott

Just got back from Hobby Lobby even though I hadn't intended to go back for awhile since I was there only a week ago. One of my online friends mentioned that there was a Freedom of Conscience buycott organized for today though and I certainly want to express my thanks for Hobby Lobby standing up for *all* business owner's right to follow their consciences.

I spoke to the manager and a couple of employees (all female) at our local store to express my support and thanks and they said they supported the company completely in the decision to fight. As a bonus, I got a couple of drawing books for the Kidlets and a pretty sketchbook for myself. I also found out about a doodling technique called "zentangle" that I'm looking forward to trying in that sketchbook.

Once again, as a person who wants to eventually own a business and employ people,  I want to express my thanks to Hobby Lobby and their staff for choosing to be the "test case" on behalf of business owners who simply don't have the money to fight the weight of federal government.
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