Sorry about that

I'm afraid I get distracted by the minutia of life and details like blog posts end up getting skipped.

Most of the time not writing for the last few weeks was spent getting ready for a sale on the 5th of April. I sold several items and a couple of skeins of yarn as well as giving out a number of business cards. Although it didn't bring in very much money it was a chance to get the Knit'n Kitten name out and, really, I hadn't expected to have any craft sales until this coming fall and winter.

While sales weren't as brisk as I would have liked, I did get a lot of weaving done. I completed the first scarf on the warp I'd put on the night before and got a good distance into the second on the same warp. I learned from my somewhat-too-long grey scarf weaving and this time actually paid attention to the warp length so I could tell when in the warp to start the second scarf.

My spinning wheel is on the far side of the table (a tiny portion of the wheel itself is visible below the loom) but I got to spin for awhile in the afternoon and there was one little girl who kept coming back to watch and would bring over other kids each time. I even let her raise and lower the levers of the loom as I wove. Hopefully she will get a chance to learn more from someone if she continues to be interested.
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