Hadn't realized it had been so long since I'd posted here. In my defense we were gone pretty much all of July, including nearly two weeks out of country.  

In the intervening time I've participated in two shows, One of which had *no* sales and the other I at least made my expenses at. Have paid the fee to be in a Holiday Show in November and need to contact the organizer if a late October show and let her know I can participate in that.

At the show where I made my expenses I was invited to display some of my items *for free* in a local beauty salon and bought a photo transferred to canvas for Dad's Christmas present. The offer of free display space is generous and could be very helpful. The sister of the photographer I purchased from is a local business woman and gave me some info about a local organization for business women that I need to look into further. Although I didn't earn nearly as much cash as I would have liked I'm very hopeful that the contacts made that day will be of great benefit in the future.
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