WIPWednesday 10-12-16

I realized after having knitted a strand of about 75 short-row triangles that something had completely destroyed one of the points about halfway back along the line. Since I had to take out the work anyway I decided to use just one strand at a time, instead of the two I had been using together, and make a very lacy and open entrelac shrug. I am attempting to work a corner-to-corner rectangle which I will then seam and add a border.

A little further on the brioche knitting piece. I think the movement of the lines is starting to show. Now that I've had a little practice I've been able to find a way to work both colors at the same time, which makes me happy since I knew it should be possible but the directions required working each color separately which took a long time. The fabric behind the knitting is the old shirt that will be used as lining. I have found a way to get the sleeves to work as pockets (as long as I sew them up exactly right) which is handy as I like having a lot of pockets in my bags.


I've also been working on the green entrelac scarf, but the difference won't be particularly noticeable until I actually finish it.

I also have a (designated non-food) crockpot going with some goldenrod flowers and a couple of iron nails. The goal is to create a natural green dye. At the very least the dye will definitely be yellow, but yellow is a very common color from dye plants while green is much less so. I also have oak bark and galls from the tree we took out of the front yard a while ago, but that is super easy dye to make (as long as you want brown) so I'm not rushing to try.  

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