WIPWednesday 10-19-16

Where has so much of the year gone? Every time I do a WipWednesday post I say "Yipe!" because I can't believe how the time has run away from me. As a kid and teen I tended to just float along with events and not worry too much about the passing of time. Now that I'm trying to actually *accomplish* something I'm constantly horrified to realize how much time has simply evaporated even while I was trying to pay attention.

The spinning on this Frabjous Fibers merino/nylon sparkle blend is finished, but now it needs skeined, washed, re-skeined and either listed or worked. I think it would make a beautiful bias-lace shrug or entrelac scarf. Either treatment would get good use out of all the beautiful colors.

I'm almost done with the green-multi entrelac scarf and am hopeful to have the photos ready for next weeks FOFriday post.

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