FOFriday 10-21-16

This is the East Fresian wool that was dyed with goldenrod from our back yard. The green was created by adding a couple of iron nails to the water as the plant material infused. I mordanted the wool separately with vinegar before adding it to the dye bath and left the nails in while the fiber soaked. The color is a pleasant soft lichen shade that I think will work well when woven into redbud twigs.

It is very difficult to tell that this fiber is actually a soft yellow, but it really is. This was dyed with goldenrod as well, but the recipe called for alum as a mordant and I couldn't find mine so I used cream of tartar instead. Cream of tartar is a legitimate mordant, but I do want to try the process with alum as well and see if the color is any clearer.

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