WIPWednesday 10-5-16

Finally have pictures of some new projects. I'm wondering if my attempt to be super good about being focused on the website and not my own projects was actually a bad choice. It seems like I'm doing better work as a whole when I allow myself to spend a portion of each day creating. The time gets spent either way, but at least this way I have something tangible to show for it instead of another two levels on a game character.

If the yarn seems familiar, there's two reasons for that. One is that I have a crocheted infinity scarf available for purchase that used this yarn, and the other is that this is probably the third time I've started a project with the remainder. This time is a keeper though. I really like how the entrelac squares move the color through the piece and that I was able to do pointed ends since I don't care for the plainness of a flat end and fringe rarely works well with handspun. I hope this scarf seems more masculine as it has been noted (accurately) by potential customers that I really don't have  much for guys at this point.

The very beginning of what I hope will become either a project bag or purse, depending on size and how I decide to sew up the old knitted shirt that will be used for a lining. The brioche pattern is a braid that uses the colors of the yarn well but isn't too difficult for a beginning brioche knitter. I've tried brioche several times and never could get the hang of it, but recently I got Nancy Marchant's Knitting Fresh Brioche and that has helped a lot. I don't do the stitch exactly as she says because I like the tighter fabric my way produces, but at least I am now able to produce something that is recognizable as brioche.

The purse I've been (sort of) working on for a couple of weeks. I've reached the point where the increases and decreases are paired to create a square opening instead of rectangle like the base. I don't generally use stitch markers, but with 8 points of change I figured I'd better in this case. I suspect that I am going to have to buy more of both yarns, although I'd hoped not to since part of the point was to use up yarn in my stash.

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