WIPWednesday 11-30-16

We have pictures. Really. The weather has been beautiful for picture taking. And there's an issue with the router/modem such that we only have internet intermittently so we can't upload the photos to the Canon website (I'm *really* not in love with the "everything to the cloud" philosophy), and thus can't download them to my computer. Our main WIP this week is fixing tech issues since I also had to take my computer in today because *something* was making a terrible noise (and really had been for a while, but it got much worse a couple of days ago). Turned out to be the power supply and the Fry's tech changed it out in about 15 minutes so at least I *have* my computer and once the internet connectivity issue is fixed we'll be good to go.

Imagine here a photo of brightly colored sari ends that I am taking apart and need to decide how to use.

Imagine here a large rectangular shawl in brown and muted colors and knit from medium weight yarn so it is quite heavy because it is for winter when it isn't quite cold enough to need a coat. The center panel is doubleknit-and-lace and the border is filet crocheted to create a pattern of oak leaves. This is the stale project that I have resurrected to finish as I am trying to make sure I get *one* stale project finished as I work on current projects.

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