FOFriday 12-16-16

Finished wrap. The main point was the central panel as I wanted to see how well the doubleknit-and-lace worked when knit on the bias before trying to make anything with lace-weight handspun. I'm not sure if I will proceed as getting the increase and decrease edges even is very difficult without a very wide border and I don't really want to add wide borders to scarves.

Shredded sari thrums. Now I need EK to finish her projects on the wheels so I can see how well they spin up. Thrums are the ends of woven projects that can't be woven due to the nature of looms. The ends are often considered "waste" and finding a use for them helps keep prices down.

Finished handspun  lace shrug that I meant to put up last week. I like the way the colors go at a diagonal while the lace is vertical (slimming, you know) and intend to use this pattern for all future shrugs.

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