WIPWednesday 12-28-16

Last of these for this year. Hard to believe how fast it has gone (yes I know it's a conventional thing to say, doesn't make it any less true). Lots of projects this week for some reason.


Spinning up the results of shredding the sari thrums. Sari silk seems to spin pretty well as long as the staple is long enough. Because it is mostly silk the strands are strong enough to allow for a fair amount of twist without snapping which means that the yarn produced can be thinner than that spun from a more brittle fiber like cotton.

Attempts at an approximation of a traditional Korean piecing technique called bojagi. The goal is to produce a generally reversible cloth with completely enclosed seams. The traditional method requires at least 4 steps and is only suitable for a fairly stiff fabric that holds a crease well. I'm not a fan of methods that require more steps than are absolutely necessary, many of the fabrics I have are too soft to hold a crease well, and (as a spinner) I want to use handspun somewhere in the piece. That being the case, I will see how these versions hold up and either choose one method or decide if method should vary by fabric used. 

Back on the second round of the poncho. I'm glad I restarted because the work is going much better now.


The green line follows a purl row in the knitting. The waves are caused by "stacking" increases and decreases.

A vendor at the Houston Fiber Fest included these well-made canvas bags stamped "wool" with the purchase of their Jacob's Sheep fiber. They were so nice that I wanted to use them, but I also wanted them to be my own work. The stamp is covered with various needlepoint stitches using handspun yarn in colors that apply to the shop. The wool variety is then added in running stitch .

When I handed this to EK for this weeks photo she said "Again?!" Hopefully it will be worthwhile to get a photo every week. I'm quite pleased that I managed to get the vertical center exactly right, but it's still going to be a while before I know if I did the same on the horizontal axis.

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