WIPWednesday 12-7-16

Turned out the internet problem was the router/modem. One new piece of hardware later and everything is good to go.

Last week's sari thrums that are now shredded, except the aqua ones that are already chopped into spinning length.

Last week's doubleknit, lace, and filet crochet wrap.


This week's WIP. Another brioche bag. This one uses Red Heart Painted Desert and a number of different grey yarns. If that seems familiar it's because, yes, I took out the crocheted bag *again*. I'm thinking of using the grey as the outside color this time, but it'll take me a bit to do the basic brioche rib for the bottom so I won't have to decide until then. The fabric is a linen-blend blouse that was too worn at the seams. I'm taking it apart to use as the lining and my current plan is to use some of the threads from extra pieces to do the sewing. So far I've closed the buttonholes and side slits that way, but the thread breaks more easily than I would like as well as having slubs that catch the fabric (and then cause the thread to break).  

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