Ready or not

The free trial for this website runs out in a couple of days and then it all goes live. I'm really *not* going to be ready since I still need to contact most of the artists and artisans. I have the e-letter written but need to actually send it out. I will have some of my own things available immediately, but the entire point of the website is to be able to carry other people's work so I should probably get on with that. Unfortunately I can't hook up the shop until we're live, so I have to hope that all is as good on the visitor's side as well as it has been on mine. 

I do have almost all the rest of the content set, so there's that at least. So far I've been pretty pleased with SquareSpace and their tutorials for how to build the site, although I have actually needed to change almost nothing about this template which is quite nice. The only down-side is that I can find no way to stress-test the site until I've paid and it's live. I'd feel a little more comfortable if I could before making a, for me, big investment. 

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