Busy, busy

Along with working on getting the site running, which has a couple of layers of activity itself, I am also knitting and crocheting like mad to get more items ready for two sales that I'm doing in April. Right now I have a good-sized pile of novelty yarn shrugs, ponchos, and scarves that all the major work has been done on and now need seaming or the ends woven in. The goal is to *not* repeat the performance of other years when I found myself doing that work the night before the sale. The irony is that all those things are for the *second* sale of the month. The first sale will be items exclusively from handspun and there is no pile for that one since it takes much longer to finish the work so the blocking and any necessary seaming is spread out much more. Fortunately, I had a number of items already prepared for this sale and I usually sell some yarn as well so filling the table won't be an issue even if the work is going slower.

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