Burden as gift

On Twitter today Exodus Road retweeted a lady called Sarah Mae who I had never heard of before. I ended up reading all of her blog posts about her trip to SE Asia with Exodus Road so that she could better understand the face and cost of human trafficking and child sexual exploitation. A couple of posts revolved around an Indian gentleman known only as S because he works undercover with local authorities to identify girls and boys who have been sold into brothels and whom it may be possible to rescue. He does this because it is right, but also because his own sister (who now works in aftercare for rescued children) was sold while young. He found and rescued her and has continued to do what he can to help other children get another chance at life.

Something that stuck with Sarah Mae, and myself when she was writing of it, was S's prayer "Thank you God for the gift of this burden."  A burden seems like anything but a gift, especially when just being *informed* on the subject of human trafficking can overwhelm one with the depravity humans are capable of. It does though provide a sense of direction and purpose that is missing otherwise and I am going to have to spend sometime rearranging my thoughts on the subject.


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