Making the most of investment

Tuesday morning found me arriving at the community center coffeeless but having breakfasted. Fortunately, there was coffee available at the meeting which was billed as Chamber University. I was there to learn how to get the most out of our Chamber of Commerce membership and grow Knit'n Kitten in the most effective way possible. From what I learned, now is the perfect time to have joined the Chamber since only a few months ago the vast majority of opportunities didn't exist. Now I could take part in a Chamber related activity almost every day of any given week and there are many ways to expand our marketing reach as well. Although I need to be careful to balance the time I spend at activities as opposed to doing official work, I am looking forward to learning more about how to manage Knit'n Kitten better and also using the Chamber resources to be able to advertise effectively. 

An unexpected benefit of the class was that I was able to sell the scarf I had brought as my listening project to my tablemate as soon as I finished it.

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