Well, that could have gone better

I had so many plans for this morning, pay the CPA for Knit'n Kitten taxes, write posts for the blog, go to an Economic Development luncheon for the Chamber and eventually take the younger kids to dance class this evening. There were two major problems with that plan.

The first was this:

You can be forgiven for wondering what "this" is, as it looks remarkably like part of a pair jeans filled with something. Which is exactly what it is. One leg of a pair of child's jeans stuffed with a pillow and then the ends sewn together with sashiko thread. It is my new bobbin-lace pillow made once again with what I had on hand. Once I work with it a bit I'll know if it is something that may be worth marketing. The reason it messed with my plans for today is that it turns out that denim is *extremely* abrasive and in attempting to jam the pillow into the jeans, it's important that a bobbin-lace pillow be very firm, I blistered the tips of several fingers on each hand (and yes, that means I am typing even more slowly and awkwardly than usual).

The other reason was the wind and rain storm that began last night and dropped approximately 10 inches of rain in the greater Houston area an about 12 hours. Fortunately, Our neighborhood houses stayed fairly dry although the roads were quite flooded for a while and at least one car had to be towed after no longer being able to start. Lightening storms are a good time to keep the electronics off though, so there was no blogging, dance practice was canceled due to safety concerns, and I don't know if the luncheon was canceled but there was no way I was going to add my vehicle to those needing rescue. I was very pleased that eventually there was enough light to get photos for the week as I'd figured that was out of the question as well. Hopefully tomorrow will go better and work will resume as usual.



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