Why didn't I think of that?

I put the Friendswood High Chili Cook-off fundraiser for UnBound Houston on the New Events page a couple of weeks ago as well as sharing a neighbor's posts about it from Facebook. One of those posts was about items being gathered for the auction, but that didn't really register since my mind was focused on deciding if we (EK and myself) would be available to make chili and if we could make chili that would be worthwhile. I had pretty much decided that it had been too long since my Dark-beer and Tofu chili won third-place to give it a try when I saw this morning that they are still gathering gift baskets from various businesses. This time the lightbulb lit up, and I realized that this was the perfect way to help.

The basket will have handspun yarn, a knitted shrug of novelty yarn, a shawl pin that Victoria and I will make together, several lavender sachets from Marietta, a small amigurumi by EK, and a nostepinne ball-winder by Fog as well as a gift certificate for a free needlework lesson of the purchaser's choice. Hopefully this will be the first of many such baskets that we will be able to provide.

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