Knit'n Kitten news for the end of April

There were two chamber events that I attended this week. The first was a "Coffee with the President" which is generally informative. I learned that the city is bringing in a (I believe) cabinet member from the Dutch parliament who specializes in the Dutch system of flood prevention, which is certainly on everyone's mind at the moment. I also met the new mayor. He has made it a point to attend several Chamber functions so I hope this shows an interest in local small businesses. The other meeting was a class for business owners about what for-profit companies can learn from how non-profits are run. It was presented by the same non-profit director who graciously gave me so much of her time earlier this month and I found it very helpful even if I wasn't really the intended type of student. Also at the meeting was a lady who was part of a needlework guild in Georgia that ran a shop to sell members' items. The profits of the shop were then donated to local school art programs to purchase art supplies. I am really looking forward to gaining from her experience and insight.

Besides meeting the mayor, I was recognized a couple of times while doing errands by people who I had met either at shows or from Chamber events. Long-term at least this should be very helpful.

On Monday I shipped out the weekend order and got an email Thursday that it had been received and that the shawl was "lovely" and the  lavender "Smells heavenly" which makes me happy since I want purchasers to honestly love their purchases while being able to help others. I am also in contact with a woodworker who uses blow-downs to create useful objects and look forward to being able to put his work on the site. I also arranged with Rescue Houston to be notified whenever they have an event so I can be sure to list it on the site calendar.  I hope to be able to do that for all of the local organizations eventually.

My goal for next week is to make some more wholesale purchases and get lease paperwork finished as well as attending a business class on Wednesday. That, along with blogging, putting up any new events I learn of and listing items for sale should be enough to keep me fairly occupied I think.

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