A-selling we did went

Set-up at Dunn Bros. Coffee's April Flowers sale began at 6 am. I was not there at 6 am because I had absolutely no desire to be setting up the table in the dark. I did get up at that time though and EK and I left right at 7, which I considered an achievement. Mostly that was possible because we had packed everything in the van last night, even the table loom that I managed to finally get warped at about 9:30 so that I could weave during the sale as a conversation starter. 

The weather was cloudy and a little cool, but at least it was dry which we were starting to worry about when the clouds built up. The sale started at 9 am and by 3 pm we had made about twice our costs, I had gotten to practice using the Etsy credit card swiper (which worked very nicely), and had woven approximately half the length of the scarf. We also decided we need a sign for the front of the table and some sort of holder for a "menu" of items and prices. All in all, I consider it a successful event. 

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