And she's one of the "lucky" ones

On Twitter Not My Life linked to a Hindustan Times article that shows why simple rescue is a start as opposed to the end goal. Twenty years old and pregnant with their second child when her husband died of snakebite, Sarika (name changed for safety) fell victim to false promises of honorable employment in the big city away from her native province of Andhra Pradesh. Instead she found herself in a New Delhi brothel servicing between 20-25 men a day and her children (she gave birth to her second daughter a month after being brought to the city) taken away and used as leverage to ensure her compliance.

Sarika is more fortunate than over 95% of trafficked individuals because after five years of captivity she was freed when one of the brothel customers fell in love with her, purchased her "debt" that the madame claimed she owed for the care and schooling of the children who'd been taken away, and married her. She and her new husband knew the location of the older child and took her back to Andhra Pradesh to be raised by relatives while they searched for the younger because about a year after the baby was born Sarika had been forced to sign papers giving up all rights to her daughter under threat that if she didn't the daughter would be raised for the brothel. Helping her is an Indian NGO called Shakti Vahini which was established to both rescue from enslavement and to advocate for the rights of those who have been freed.

With minimal education or skills and the need to remain in the area to look for leads regarding her child, Sarika still works in a brothel. At least at this one she is allowed to keep her earnings and she has the support of her husband, but she wants to go back to her province and family and be a mother to all her children while doing work she can actually tell her family about. Shakti Vahini is working to get her parental rights restored since she signed under compulsion as well as to find the child and restore her to the mother who is still sacrificing to make sure they can be together again. 

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