Polaris Symposium

I know it's gotten trite to say that it's amazing how the internet has changed things but, well, it *is*. Today I was able to eat lunch in my home while attending a symposium that took place in Washington D.C. last Friday. I linked the video because it really is worth watching and there is quite a bit of information in the two hours. Some of what is discussed echoes what was talked about at the local symposium I attended recently, but there was a lot of information that was new to me as well. A lot of the discussion revolved around trying to get good information, and methodologies for getting information, in a field that is only about ten years old and the advances being made in obtaining good data and how that was helping on the law enforcement side. One example is an app from Thorn that cuts LE time in nearly half on internet cases. That is good for , society, the victims, and the officers who can see their work is helping someone in a timely manner.

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