I listened to the audio book of Michael Gerber's The E-myth Enterprise today. I had put a hold on the library's virtual copy (didn't I mention lately how the internet has changed everything?)  through the app OverDrive. I'm glad I was able to listen to it since it was recommended in the SBA class I took last month and the next class is tomorrow. There were a couple of others that I also put holds on, and a couple that the Greater Houston library system  apparently doesn't have, but those aren't available yet.

I will almost certainly listen to the book at least one more time as I think I need to take notes in a few areas. I'd also like EK to listen to it so that we can discuss it and make sure we're on the same page on certain subjects.

I wish the original book by this author had been available since in this one he assumes you know a certain amount of background information, like why he uses the term "E-myth", and I *don't* know those things. While I think that impaired my processing of the book slightly, over all I think that it will be a help both now as we grow the Online Knit'n Kitten and in the future with the brick-and-mortar.

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