WIPWednesday 5-4-16

Having started with dark grey at one end, I'm now in the middle of this gradient X gradient scarf which is the first I've ever tried. In fact, it was the first gradient yarn I ever spun and I'm very pleased that I was able to maintain the color gradient with both the very fine (and then chain-plied) yarn for the warp as well as the thicker weft single. I only used three harnesses for warping and the twill forms a very long continuous diagonal.

Second try with this yarn after taking out everything but the neckband. I think the blossom-lace crochet is a real winner and will probably use it frequently.


A personal project in my favorite colors. It's by far the largest single item I've attempted which means that work is very slow since it can't be a priority. I'm considering working only half of it and using it as a shawl by folding it the long way to cover all the ends.

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