Change perception, change the world

In general I am skeptical of many attempts to change reality by changing the words used to describe it. There are though a couple of areas in human trafficking where changes in how *people* are perceived can have big effects in how they are treated. One place this has been seen recently is the push in many US state governments, and at least one major news source, to remove the term "Child prostitute" and replace it with terms such as "trafficked minor". On second thought, that is more changing terminology to reflect reality more accurately than the previous term had, but it is to be hoped that as people begin to internalize the new terms that their understanding of the cohersive reality behind child sex trafficking will grow.

Another aspect, and the one that the Made For Freedom article that was the foundation of this post covered, is bringing traffickers to see the humanity and individual *human* value of those they sell. This is difficult on many levels (I'm glad *I* don't have to deal with traffickers kindly to encourage them to change their views since I doubt I could manage) and I think often overlooked as a tool in abolition both because of the difficulty emotionally and logistically. Despite the difficulty, I think it is important to not completely reject as a possibility especially since John Newton shows how truly a person who once viewed people as property can change and influence others once their own heart has been changed.

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