Houston Fiber Fest

No Black Sheep, that fleece had already sold, but three bags and a laundry basket are all certainly full. EK was also able to buy herself several types of fiber that she is really looking forward to spinning.

We were able to get locally produced Texas Coastal Native, Jacob's Sheep (from a sheep named Eunice), and Shetland Sheep (from a sheep named Annie) all to be bases for dyeing which will then be spun up and listed for sale. The other fiber we got is sari silk loom ends and some recycled sari silk as well. The loom ends are in the shop colors and I need to spend a bit of time thinking of how best to use them. The other major purchases were a heavy cord made of mill ends that I intend to use in making scarf/blanket displays and, on the other end of the spectrum, hand dyed silk/wool blend yarn that is gorgeous to look at and heavenly to touch.

We were also able to touch base with a couple of artists I spoke to last year as well as identify a couple more that look like a good fit with the vision and goals of Knit'n Kitten. A great find was a wonderful lady who raises both Suri and Huacaya alpacas in a variety of colors. A Texas alpaca fiber source was something we were missing, and it's a lovely bonus that she is a great person as well.

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