A new trafficking recruiting method

Susceptibility to international trafficking lures is often thought of as being tied to poor education and lack of economic opportunity in the victim's home country but on Twitter I saw an article by Chab Dai (Khmer for "joining hands") that shows some traffickers in Southeast Asia have begun preying on those who have completed their secondary and even undergraduate education. The case that Chab Dai assisted victims from involved fake scholarship offers for Cambodian students to study in China where they then were forced to work in a factory and given no time to attend classes. Even more troubling is that the offers were advertised on Cambodia's national radio without anyone realizing there was a problem until several victims managed to escape and make their way to the Cambodian consulate which was a day's journey away by train. The trafficker in this case has been arrested and charged at the beginning of this year so there is a chance for justice for those he tricked and profited from, but it is a sobering reminder that trafficking is a complex and multi-headed criminal activity.

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