WIPWednesday 1-18-17

No pictures this week since the weather hasn't cooperated. There was about half an hour of sun Monday morning, but by the time EK had eaten breakfast we were out of luck.

I am working on the lace eyelet body of the sherbet-colored poncho. I had done a fair amount on the work but, once again, decided I didn't like how it looked and took it out all the way back to the scallops. I'm glad I did since it looks *a lot* better the new way and, since it turns out that there are over 600 stitches per row, there's a good chance I wouldn't have been able to finish at all if I had continued in the original way.

The table runner is progressing pretty steadily. As quick as needlepoint is to work in general, it would go even faster if I could count to two and five correctly *every* time I need to do that (which is for every square made).

I have finished the bottom of the brioche bag and am now working on the sides. The work is such that I can only do a couple of rows without hurting my hands so I probably have at least one more week beyond this one before I can finish.

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