Notes on a Polaris post

Polaris shared a blog post of theirs on Twitter and, since it involves Houston, I thought it was a good one to share.

I want to state from the outset that I am an opponent of turning a blind eye to illegal immigration. I believe that it is far from a victim-less activity and that it does no kindness to those who come here illegally as it puts them in much higher danger of being trafficked than legal immigrants. Those here without cover of law are easy prey to traffickers (often from within their own community) because they have (or believe they have) no recourse in the justice system meant to prevent their abuse. Because they are here illegally they are trapped while if they had come legally there would be no need to fear the force of law that is intended to protect them from predators. I also personally believe that those in power who encourage illegal immigration through things like "sanctuary" cities are very well aware of the danger in the situation they advocate but don't care because they don't expect to experience the personal consequences. The cantina situation illustrates that jeopardy to those unprotected by law very well.

A couple of interesting things from the article are the fact that the case in question isn't the only one *in Houston* much less around the country. From first concern to the indictment of the ringleaders took at least six years and the cooperation of Mexico in extraditing them back to the US for trial.

A couple of Polaris' take-away points are that state restaurant and service inspectors need to be trained to recognize signs of trafficking. This could easily be made part of whatever their standard training is. Polaris also recommends requiring that the national anti-trafficking phone number 1-888-373-7888 be posted in every nightclub and bar and also making sure that bureaucrats tasked with issuing operating licenses for such establishments ensure that the paperwork is honestly and factually filled out and no lisences are granted to those using fake names.


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