WIPWednesday 1-25-17

This is really EK's WIP. She has only recently moved from spindle to the Ashford Traditional that has traveled around the country with me. As the picture shows, she is already getting an even yarn and lots of it.


The arrow points to the newest change in flow of the pattern. I'm making all the changes in each dark aqua row since that was the color I started with.

The sherbet poncho is actually blocking right now and will appear in teh FOFriday post if I can get a photo in time.

Working on the sides of the brioche bag. I still need to do at least one repeat and am concerned I will run out of the silver yarn just before making the strap. The goal was to *not* buy more yarn to make this, but the lining musr be matched and what can you do?

This is my Christmas present to myself. Ten kilos of old saris. It doesn't really reach the status of WIP yet although there are many plans for these. As you can see, many of these are in shop colors, which is what I asked the seller for, so those that are moderately damaged but can be mended will become curtains for the shop. There are a couple that are so damaged that they will either be used as patches or shredded for yarn and a couple that, hopefully, are sound enough to use as fabric for kurtis to wear at work.

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