FOFriday 1-27-17

The sherbet poncho is finally finished and blocked. If I had realized that there were over 600 stitches around by the time I finished the second row of scallops I would have decreased at least a third of them. That would have allowed for a longer length as well. It is a very pretty shoulder-cover though and I like how the scallops resemble peacock eyes.

I won't be working on many sale projects for a while since we have more than enough of my work already. I will be doing more shop and personal projects for a while.

The birds were starting to sing again a couple of days ago which means it's time for my annual nesting material holder proto-type made from materials already on hand. Last year's try was made from crepe myrtle twigs shaped into interlocking circles and the shape didn't work well for the material available. This year I have the bamboo twigs that were donated last spring and those make great ribs with a circular spreader made of Muscadine grape vine in the center. The whole thing is bound/woven together with a lumpy sample of handspun yarn and then filled with bits of yarn and fabric from projects done this past year. I really like the shape, the test now is to see if the birds show any interest in the material and are able to take it out of the holder.

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