FOFriday 1-6-17

Finished color wave circular scarf. It was supposed to be a moebius but I appear to have gotten an extra twist.

Entrelac scarf from handspun bamboo-blend fiber that was probably hand-dyed as well.

Having finished the color wave scarf I had a small amount of yarn left so I made this proto-type cat toy. It is completely filled yarn and fabric scraps and I want to see how well the stuffing stays in without any extra lining or precautions. I love how the little ear loops look, but I think I'd put some catnip in with the stuffing if I make another.


I cut the bojagi-inspired piece made from reclaimed interfacing into three sections and made a sachet from each. They are filled with the tea/spice/citrus blend that I want to use in the shop and are put in with the yarn and fiber to repel moths. They aren't meant to be seen and thus made a good test for using sections of a larger pieced fabric.

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