WIPWednesday 10-11-17


First time spinning after a long time away. The truth is that we have *plenty* of handspun yarn, but this is mainly for mental health. EK gave me the fiber which she thinks is Superwash merino and is called Coral Reef from the Etsy shop SMAKSuperFibers.


I've never been a real fan of samplers because I prefer usable items, but a paisley motif seemed like a good way to practice a lot of stitches quickly. So far there is chain stitch on the outline, tulip stitch on the spine, Mountmellick stitch on the inside curve and wine stitch for the flower. I think the handspun yarn is from a milk fiber sample that came with an order a couple of years ago. Unfortunately I don't remember who did the dyeing but I really like the opal tone it has.


"New" cloth made by quilting some of the drip-colored silk chiffon over leftover pink broadcloth with sari silk shreds (and the thread from removing falls from the saris) in the center. Right now I'm simply spiraling inward with stitching using a pastel multi-color sewing thread, but I'm thinking of either using sari warp silk or a heavier handspun to do more intricate embroidery once the piece is held together.

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