FOFriday 10-20-17

The embroidery is finished and I used several stitches that were new to me thanks to the Mary Corbet playlist on YouTube. 


Cat toy prototypes using all recycled/scrap material. They make a crinkly noise because of being stuffed with stiff plastic soda wrappers and the like. I think having three new toys appear in one day confused the cats as even the two with catnip haven't gotten much play time after their being very interested to begin with.


Kool-aid dyed plant fiber items (except top left middle which is silk). I've known for a long time that drink mixes could be used to color animal/protein fibers but just saw the claim this week on Tumblr that it could be used on *all* natural fibers. We have a *lot* of jute because of unseaming the coffee sacking so I decided to give it a try.  It appears to work quite well as I tried it on the cording, printed cotton fabric (not pictured), thin cotton fabric used for shipping from India, and cotton crochet thread. The plant fibers have a more salmon tone than the rose colored silk, but that isn't unusual  when using plant dyes either. The next question will be how color-fast the dye is and only time will tell that.


I hope it *is* colorfast though because I am currently ridiculously pleased with this shibori furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloth for bundles or gifts). This is the printed cotton fabric mentioned above that I over-dyed after making my first attempt at sewn resist shibori. I love the soft salmon color and the way the corner stitching worked out.

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