WIPWednesday 12-20-17


The beginnings of a needlepoint bag. The goal is to make it all in one piece with minimal seaming so the right side is one of the sides while the star is the front. The bag will be lined with a navy t shirt.


Remember the bag start with the handspun? Yeah, that got changed. Pinterest reminded me that I wanted to try huck (Swedish) weaving again so this is the band for the sides and bottom of a bag with burgundy lining. Other than the very textured middle white thread this pattern is very fast to work and I think I like how it is going.


Hope to have this silk/wool blend bias-knit scarf done by the end of the week. It's about time to get it actually finifshed.


Getting a brick and mortar site is temporarily on hold while we work out some kinks caused by the uncommon nature of Knit'n Kitten, and some bad early advice unfortunately. This means finding a home for the inventory I had started building up right before the hurricane when we had expected to sign a lease directly after that. These tubs and vacuum bags are our current solution.

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