FOFriday 12-8-17

In a week of (relative) excitement, it has snowed here in the Houston area. There was a tiny dusting the year we moved here, but this was enough that in some areas people could build at least mini-snowmen and have snowball fights so people are making the most of it while they can.


This was my first attempt at machine sewing and is finished in that the stitching is indeed completed. Victoria doesn't like the much flatter nature of this compared to the kantha pieces, but it is going to be a notebook cover instead of a wall hanging so extra dimensionality isn't desirable.


The finished knot bag. I'm glad I was able to preserve the visibility of the cute patch  so I consider this portion of the prototype trial to be a success. Next step is testing its durability and usability.


Errand bag made using the Freedom Yarn that supports women in India coming out of the sex trade as well as helping to ensure that the next generation never has to experience the horrors their mothers faced. The ribbon works up well on a large hook and I specifically sized the bag to work with one 75 yd skein.

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