WIPWednesday 2-1-17

Plugging along on this. The waves of color remind me of bargello needlepoint or of the "psychedelic" animations of fractals that I like to watch on YouTube while doing needlework and listening to a book or music.

I didn't get any work done on the brioche bag this week because I was working on these fingerless mitts for EK. She wanted some lightweight ones because she felt silly wearing her winter ones in summer but she has found that a tiny bit of added warmth helps the wrist she sprained several years ago that still aches when the weather changes.

Strips of ribbon torn from a couple of retired saris that were in too bad of shape to provide larger pieces. The four balls of amber color are being used in crocheted baskets for the shop while the smaller yellow ball has gone to Victoria for use and I am using the larger as warp and weft in a woven scarf/runner.

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