WIPWednesday 3-1-17

Start of a bias lace knitted shrug. This is the first time I've used Darn Good Yarn's waste silk yarn. It is made in a socially conscious manner by providing long-term year-round employment to women in India and Nepal and is environmentally conscious by using what would have been a waste product from other industry. It is also very nice to work with and comes in a wide variety of beautiful colors.  

Practice pieces for two types of needle lace. The thread on the cardboard backing is in the process of becoming Tenerife lace (a type of darning over warp threads that can be done in a number of shapes) and the snowflake-like piece is Armenian lace which is made by creating a particular type of knot over a base cord. the amount of thread between knots shapes the pattern.

Finding ways to use the neckbands from the retired saris. Wallets and hip bags that are folded, seamed and embroidered seem like a good possibility. Wallets are pretty straight forward, but I'll need to decide how to do the strap on the hip bags. Perhaps I will use some sari ribbon.

Speaking of sari ribbon, these are bookmark proto-types. The middle one will not be going into production as it requires too much time to do the seaming that creates the fabric tube. The bottom (green) one will be edged in Armenian knot lace and the top blue one is going to have Kantha (running stitch) embroidery after I seam the two pieces together.

Paper baskets done a couple of different ways. The two front baskets have radial spokes instead of a square base and the white with pink and green has a supporting ring woven into the base to see if it is sturdier that way. I generally do the basket weaving on Sundays when I watch subtitled anime .

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