FOFriday 2-3-17

Fashion scarf made from part of a retired sari. My first rolled hem project (YouTube really came through for me). Not visible is the darning/embroidery that both mends and decorates the small holes. This follows the Japanese tradition of Kintsukuroi (Gold Mending) where broken ceramic vessels were repaired with a combination of resin and gold dust.

Second attempt at crocheting over a cord. I used a thicker handspun this time so didn't felt it. Still increased too much at the very end, but did better over all. 

A tray made from woven rolled paper that has since been painted a light neutral color. I would like to eventually make the shopping baskets for the shop out of rolled paper. Getting the bottoms sturdy enough may be an issue though. 

Neckbands removed from retired saris. The fabric varies in density but most looks fairly sturdy. EK and I are working out projects to do with them. Right now pillow tops or fabric bill folds are our top candidates.

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