WIPWednesday 2-8-17

No photo of the brioche bag since the increase isn't particularly obvious in a picture. There has been increase though and I should be done with the knitting this week. There's a good chance it will be ready for the finished object post next Friday.

Darn Good Yarn is a Fairtrade endeavor that provides year-round employment in India and Nepal while finding ways to use fabric that was considered waste. I bought a packet of random white silk chiffon ends from them a while ago and decided to dye some of them in shop colors to act as patches for the sari curtains. It isn't particularly obvious in the photo, but I used various twisting methods to get a tie-dye effect.

The next dark aqua direction change has started. I generally decide one round ahead what the next change will be. I am at least a third of the way finished and have to admit that I will be *very* happy to have it completed when it finally is.

Two different types of crocheted bags using one of the "ribboned" saris. The top is directly crocheted in a pattern I describe as an errand bag and is round. The second will be a rectangular tote. It is made by working single crochets over a cord. In this case the working thread is crochet cotton that I tea dyed a while ago and the cord is ribbon made from a heavily damaged sari.

Another sari ribbon trial project. The are filled with the ribbon and some natural color crochet cotton. I plan on doing a 3 heddle design using two warp threads of crochet cotton and one of ribbon and then trading the weft in the same 2/1 pattern. I am trying to figure out how to warp the loom so as to not lose the darker color fabric at each end as loom waste.

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