FOFriday 3-10-17

This week was full of YouTube exploration led to at least one technique I plan on continuing to use.

I mentioned in my design series that I wanted a notebook that had both lined and blank pages and it suddenly dawned on me that I could make my own. So I did. It turns out that lined writing paper isn't the same size as printer paper, so that was interesting to work around. I used printer paper, regular lined writing paper, crochet cotton, tapestry needle, and an awl my dad made me over 25 years ago for doing basket weaving.

This is a form woven (there are no seams because it was woven *around* a form) bag using sari ribbon. This example is very rough because this particular sari was quite brittle and I wove over a wooden weaving board that is great for coasters and patches but not for something surrounding it. I will probably make more of these but will definitely use cardboard as recommended.

This bookmark needs pressed but is otherwise finished. I used metallic threads pulled from a damaged border to do the running stitch detail. The hidden seaming takes much to long for this to be practical to sell, but it was good practice.

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