WIPWednesday 3-15-17

I was watching Russian YouTube videos on ways to create square and rectangle bases in paper baskets. The top is square(ish) and the bottom is a woven rectangle that used a form to hold the "warp" tubes. 

Next round of colors starting. I think I'm going to focus on finishing this side before doing the other. I'd like to have the entire piece finished by the end of the month as I have a coupe of sales the beginning of April and would like to be able to use it on the sale table.

Form weaving with sari ribbon again. This ribbon is a lot more supple so I think the finished bag will work much better. EK liked the rainbows coming through the glass door and wanted to catch those as well.


Another Bias lace panel using Darn Good Yarn's Silk Cloud. I still need to seam the *last* one and am working hard at putting that off. I don't like seaming very much (not at all) but I haven't found a better way to make these shrugs. Perhaps I should use my newly made sketch book to figure out a way to make it work out.

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