Proto-book midway through the binding process. I've glued sari fabric to the cardstock from a cereal box and cut the papers to at least generally match. Next will be the boring of the holes for the binding and then adding the cord for the binding. I'm thinking of using a bit of leftover silk from the green shrug.

The end is in sight on the table runner, at least on this side. I was actively working on it but wanted to make sure EK got a picture which is why the needle and working thread are visible. I'm thinking of doing a GIF using all the different work photos to show the progress.

This retired sari only needs for me to figure out how best to hang it in the shop windows. I need to measure the windows of the site we are looking at, but I think we can get two curtain from each full-sized sari. The windows face west so having *something* to block the glare is important. The saris are nice because they soften the light but still allow a certain amount of visibility as well.

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