FOFriday 3-31-17

Decorative scarf made from part of a retired sari. 

Wallet made from two layers of the neckband of a sari which were then quilted togetherKantha-style using running stitches of a pastel thread.

A bolster pillow covered in the same sari fabric as the scarf. I wish now that I had positioned the fabric so that the figures were upright instead of sideways. Unfortunately it can't be changed now, and I may not have been able to any way since I had a limited amount of fabric to use.

Finished sari ribbon wallet with crochet cotton warp. I lined the inside with coordinating neckband fabric because this one was woven a little loosely.

Woven phone case from Orange and gold sari ribbon. I didn't line this one because it was woven on the correct type of loom and much firmer than the green one that was woven on an improvised loom.


Basket for the shop using sari ribbon for the cord and tea-dyed crochet cotton for the stitching. This photo shows the shaping but not the size, which isn't very large.

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