WIPWednesday 5-17-17

The biggest Work in Progress right now is the shop that the realtor is sending in our letter of intent this week. The tapestry will probably only get photos every three weeks or so unless I get an amazing amount of work done on it at one time.

Broomstick crochet with baby alpaca handspun. I finished the crochet last night and am trying to decide if I want to block it or not. 

One of the waste items in making "plarn" is the handles of the bags. I wanted a way to use those as well and a combination of a couple different forms of wrapped basketry works very well. If sturdy enough these will be shopping baskets, otherwise they will be containers for items in the shop.

This container is made entirely from recycled material of crocheted plarn over a couple of different base materials. the center of the base is plastic strapping that was split to 1/4 width and the outer part of the base is strapping at 1/2 width. I then used the full width for the sides until I ran out and then switched to soda bottle plastic cut to about the same width.

When making plarn there are sometimes rings that are broken and there are also the tabs where the bags are hung before use that get cut off. I found that these can be stretched into a usable "sinew" for making long-and-short wrapped items. The base is very thin recycled strapping but when that is gone I'll use spiral-cut soda bottle plastic. 

This is the first paper basket that I'm trying a handle on. We will have to see how it works.

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