WIPWednesday 5-3-17 (late)

Wallet blanks with the first round of seaming done. The top blue blank has the edge embroidery finished with the same magenta silk loom waste that I started with on the bottom brown blank. The embroidery on the lower blue blank is completed and it just needs the final round of seaming.

I found out the term for the, usually, cotton panel attached to the inside of a sari. It is called a "fall" and helps prevent ripping in the edge that takes the most strain.

Three different versions of basketry using plastic and yarn. The bottom item is acrylic yarn crocheted over a long run of thin plastic cut from a soda bottle. the top left is "plarn" which is an ugly word but an accurate portmanteau of "plastic" and "yarn" twined around ribs made from short pieces cut from a plastic bottle. The last is plarn wrapped with acrylic yarn in the manner of pine needle and sweetgrass baskets.

Sari ribbon woven phone cozies. These were woven-to-form like the previous but I used different warp yarns for each and wove a twill pattern into a couple of them. I have finished the edges since this photo was taken and just need to add the button closures for each.

Another shrug made with the Darn Good Yarn silk cloud. I am creating the sleeves on this one as I work which will potentially make blocking a bit of a challenge.

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