FOFriday 6-16-17

Another knitted lace shrug from Darn Good Yarn's Silk Cloud. I did the seaming on this one as I knitted and am undecided as to whether or not it needs blocked.


Scarf from retired sari fabric. The lower image shows an example of "golden repair".

Hairpin lace scarf worked from handspun alpaca. This one was worked wider to begin with instead of being folded in half and joined after working.

Shop containers made of paper weaving. This is my first try at doing a handle and I think I should have made it a little shorter and would be more confident of its strength if I had remembered to run wire through a couple of the paper twists.

Containers worked over recycled strapping and soda bottle plastic. The top basket is "plarn" and thus entirely recycled. I am hoping they will work as shopping baskets for guests of the shop.

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